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ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships and Future Fellowship awarded to UQ Chinese scholars

Jun 20, 2017 | Achievements

In the June 2017 ARC grants announcement, Professor Zhiguo Yuan and Professor Xiu Song (George) Zhao won the highly prestigious ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships while Dr Jianhua Guo won the highly competitive ARC Future Fellowship.

Professor Zhao, of UQ’s School of Chemical Engineering, will get $2.8 million over five years for research to develop next-generation energy storage applications based upon sodium-ion capacitors.

Professor Yuan, director of UQ’s Advanced Water Management Centre, will get $2.9 million over five years for research into bioconversion of methane into higher-value liquid chemicals.

Dr Jianhua Guo (Advanced Water Management Centre): $700,000 to investigate the occurrence, diversity, and transformation of antibiotic resistant genes in the urban water cycle. The project is expected to lead to the development of technologies to reduce antibiotic resistance genes, with applications for environmental and human health, and economic benefits for Australia.

More information can be found at the ARC web page here.

Professor Zhiguo Yuan and Professor George Zhao received the ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships in Canberra.

Dr Jianhua Guo