Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers

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Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers (QCASE)


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Gain Expertise and Open Career Doors

QCASE houses an unrivaled network of scholars, professionals, experts, and advisors that can help shape your career, provide numerous networking opportunities for involvement, recognition, and reward.

Build a Network

Collaborate with QCASE colleagues and member groups, online or in person, to build a support group for your profession, industry, or project.


Expand your personal network with colleagues who share your expertise and commitment. Participate in QCASE organised forum focused to your area of specialty or participate regular festival events.


Qualifications and dues


Scholars and Professionals

Professional membership is open to individuals who are in science and technology designated fields. The designated fields are: Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Physical Sciences, Chemical, Biological and Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Technical Communications, Education, Business, Management, and Law and Policy.

Staff member fees: $60
Partner of a staff member: $25





A Student/Graduate Student member must carry at least 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered graduate student in a regular course of study in Science and Technology designated fields.

Student: $30




Corporate membership

Corporate membership is for organisations including universities, Government of Queensland, industry organisations, and small business in areas of science, technology, engineering, medicine, cultural and educational exchange.

  1. Actively support and participate in QCASE organised forums, festival events, and activities.
  2. Develop collaborations in research, teaching, and exchange activities between Australia, and China, and internationally.
  3. Facilitate and organise forums, events and activities to facilitate collaborations among academic organisations, industry, and governments.
  4. Support and mentor early career academics and research students who are at early career development stage.

Benefits of become corporate members

  1. Corporate organisations and their members have opportunities to attend all QCASE organised events, activities, forum with member level payment.
  2. Have networking opportunities with eminent scientists, engineers, and academics within QCASE.
  3. Are recognised in media, flyers in events, forum and activities organised by QCASE.
  4. Representative of corporate organisations have opportunities to promote organisational business and products through forum activities.

Annual fees:

Registration is below: